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Superintendents’ Commission for the Study of Demographics and Diversity Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Superintendents' Commission is a premier educational organization composed of elementary and secondary superintendents and school districts of the Suburban Cook and Collar Counties dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities for all students. We are committed to improving the instructional effectiveness of teachers, leadership development of administrators and parental trainings. We believe that partnering with businesses and institutions of higher learning provides support for educational initiatives that are beneficial to the school community.


Focus and History

The Superintendents' Commission is focused on maintaining a research-based premier educational organization. We are dedicated to promoting academic achievement for all children, while developing partnerships with institutions of higher education. The Superintendents' Commission provides professional development seminars and workshops throughout the region. Most importantly, the organization provides college scholarships based on merit and need. To date, the Superintendents' Commission has awarded over $260,000 in college scholarships between 2005 and 2018.


Dr. Dorothy Boyd founded the Commission for the Study of Demographics and Diversity in 1991. Initially, the organization began monitoring changes in Demographic and Diversity Patterns in Cook County, Illinois and its' effects on schools. Based upon their findings, the Commission worked with the University of Illinois and the Congressional Black Caucus in Springfield, Illinois. Through these meetings, the Commission developed committees for Political Interests, Economic Development, Staff Needs and Curriculum Mandates. In 1992, the Commission hosted a reception for the National Alliance of Black School Educators. A joint venture was developed and led to a Joint Institute Day featuring Joe Clark as the keynote speaker at the Chicago South Expo Center in 1994. 

The first Spring Scholarship Dinner Dance was held in 2001, along with seminars on Teacher Remediation, Academic Achievement, Fiscal Management and Legislation Updates from 2002-2004. The Commission for the Study of Demographics and Diversity sponsored their first annual conference hosting the Midwest Region of the National Council on Educating Black Children at the Tinley Park Convention Center in 2005. In 2006, the Commission hosted its' first annual regional conference. Currently, our organization has grown to a membership of over 37 school districts, and is dedicated to our mission of providing quality educational opportunities for all students.

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